Glazed beets 135

Jerusalem artichoke, yellow beetroot
crudité, truffle, watercress, almond.

White asparagus 125

Peas, saffron beurre blanc, pistachio, curry onion, herb salad of chervil, coriander & mint.

Roasted scallop 185

Scrambled egg, truffle, beurre noisette, crispy potato, smoked soy.

Lobster roll (1pc) 90 (2pcs) 170

Jalapeño, toasted brioche, pickled onion.

Chicken croquettes 125

Shiitake, shimeji mushroom, parsley emulsion & black pepper.

Steak tartare 135 (half portion) 190 (full portion with skinny fries)

Steak tartare, parmesan, pickled white onion, crispy garlic, flaked almonds & Caesar aioli.

Oyster “Rockefeller” (1pc) 55



Baked celeriac 165

Variation of cabbage, wild mushrooms, parsley & creamy truffle sauce.

Fish & chips “TFE” 235

Skinny fries, curry remoulade, pickles, grilled lemon.

Pan Roasted Cod 255

Sherry- & beurre noisette hollandaise,
bacon, broccoli & hazelnut.

Veal schnitzel “Björn Frantzén” 285

Potato confit, beurre noisette with anchovy, red wine jus, deep-fried capers & petit pois salad.

Open sandwich 245

Pork cheeks “24h”, roasted cabbage, truffle bechamel & mushroom.

Grilled beef tenderloin 285

Horseradish, celeriac remoulade, pickled mustard seeds.

Slow-cooked & deep-fried baby chicken 235

Macaroni & cheese, whole roasted garlic, grilled lemon herb & ginger oil.



Whole-roasted sea bass 395

Herb & garlic cooked mushrooms,
bread, gremolata, almond potato purée.

Porterhouse steak “bone-in”, 1kg 1180

Grilled pointed cabbage, radicchio, spicy chanterelle aioli, thyme jûs & smoked mushrooms.



After eight 2.0 85

Chocolate tarte with peppermint
ice cream & cacao nib.

Sticky toffee pudding 90

Beurre noisette, ginger butterscotch sauce.

Almond & vanilla ice cream 65

Crystalized rosemary.

Blood orange sorbet 65

Caramelized hazelnut, honey & yoghurt.

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