We have a simple philosophy when it comes to our wines: we work with wines we like ourselves. They often come from small, artisanal winemakers that respect the earth and the environment where the vines grow. The wines are terroir driven and tell a story about the place they come from. 


Sweden has a long beer tradition which dates back to the bronze age, and our beer is just as important to the experience of The Flying Elk as our wine. We work with craft beer and have a great selection of Swedish/Nordic beer that we like. If you would like to have a beer pairing with your meal, we are happy to assist you.


In Sweden, there is no climate to grow grapes and produce wine, so the focus throughout our history has been on beer and spirits. Our cocktail menu consists of cocktails, gin & tonics and spritzes, incorporating our heritage in the drinks. We work with Nordic ingredients and produce that have become important to Nordic gastronomy and culture.

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